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Welcome to Lancashire Slow Riders


The Lancashire Slow-Riders was started by Paul Morgan & Paul Newton in early 2016 after chatting for a few weeks.

With that our first job was to think of a name! Not as easy as you think but after a few days & nights of passing names between us, we came up with the

“Lancashire Slow-Riders “

The reason for the “Slow “ was most of the mopeds etc. are only 49cc or even lower,  so only a slow mph.

After contacting the EACC asking them if we could start a Lancashire section it was full steam ahead.
As another club met at the pub, which went along to, We asked who was an EACC member, so we set apart the tables to make two clubs meeting on the same evening in the same pub. ( just to show the different clubs ) This was to stop anybody missing out on both clubs,

As most had Duel membership it made it a bit of fun,  starting one club meeting for an hour or so, then starting the Slow-Riders meeting. This has worked well for everybody.

After designing a logo or two the members went for the one we use today.  With a few alterations for different signs etc .
We follow the guide lines from the EACC for Rides & Events and use their logo etc.

We have rides out & go to events around the area, hopefully getting a club stand at the shows.
With help from members, we now have this web site as well as our Facebook page which was our first way to get the Slow-Riders out in the public .

We will have club logo decals,  patches, polo shirts etc for members to buy soon .
And that is where we are up to.

Membership to the Slow-riders is free,  all we ask is that you join the EACC ,
Their membership fees start at a very amazing price . Which gives you all the clubs support & knowledge .
There is a link at the top of the page to take you to the EACC’s web site.


You can contact us via our FaceBook page:-

or our Email address:-



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